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How Can a Tablet POS Help Your Food Truck?

As technology continues to evolve, so does the restaurant industry. A decade ago, a solid point of sale system would cost you thousands of dollars for hardware and software installs. Now you can find a great system your food truck needs at the fraction of the price.

Are you a food truck owner considering integrating a tablet point of sale into your operation? Here are a few of the benefits of implementing a Tablet POS to your food truck.


Adapting to contactless payments can be a challenge for any size restaurant. If you are always on the move, this versatile lightweight tablet pos is the answer to your food truck operation. Outdated processes like writing down orders or using your memory can lead to costly mistakes. Take your customer's orders and payments using multiple methods like at the window, curbside, or a kiosk set up. Streamline your operation with a tablet point of sale software that will go wherever your food truck goes.

Detailed Reporting

Running a small business requires attention to detail. Every dollar counts so you need to be able to keep an eye on your business at all times. With the point of sale software integrated into your tablet, you will be able to keep track of sales and inventory reports in real-time and make crucial data-driven business decisions.

Minimal Training

When customers come running in for dinner, you want your team to be fully prepared. A tablet pos system will give your team the advantage they need to cut down long lines and handle the primetime rush like a pro. The intuitive interface is fully customizable to your menu needs. This helps your employees with remembering any daily specials or extra menu items.

Customer Experience

Keep your customers coming back for more by implementing marketing and promotional campaigns with your Tablet POS. Go live for Taco Tuesday or post a savory dish on Instagram. You need to let your customer know where you are parked at all times. With POS software you can constantly communicate with your regulars using a Loyalty Program.


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