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POS Solution for

Bars & Nightclubs

Keeping track of your nightlife establishment is critical to the survival of your business. Nightclubs and bars can become a lucrative business, but they require attention to detail. Our solutions will help you identify crucial data that will identify losses at a moment’s notice.

Smart POS Solutions

We can resolve THREE major factors that have a positive impact on your

nightlife establishment.


Cut cost and

increase profits.

Increase sales

and overall revenue.


Run your

venue more efficient.

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Increase Profits

Cut Cost

Our POS solution was developed with nightlife operators in mind. Monitor sales reports in real-time to track bottles, cans, and draft beer throughout the busy night.


Liquor Management

The liquor management control solution can be integrated into your bar and nightclub to easily track both the sales of alcohol sold in bottles, cans, and ingredients for mixed drinks.


Draft Beer Management

In a bar and nightclub industry, approximately 20% of all beer revenue is lost, which is equivalent to 1 in 5 beers. This is due to too large portions and charges that are not reported.


Video Management

Our video management solution can be integrated with your Focus Point of Sale System. Included are advanced search capabilities and remote monitoring.


Labor Cost Control

Control and manage labor costs in restaurants at the push of a fingertip with this extremely helpful tool.


Food Cost Control

Understand your restaurant expenses with our food and beverage cost technology embedded into our POS Systems.



High-impact features

That Increase Sales

for Bars and Nightclubs

Our POS System offers features to help you create and manage personalized marketing programs like customer loyalty or gift cards that build stronger relationships with your guests and increase sales revenue.


Customer Loyalty Program

Our restaurant customer loyalty program is rich with features that offer cloud storage, multi-store processing, card, or cardless accounts.


Gift Card Programs

Increase your opportunity of bringing in new customers with our Focus Gift Card Program.


More Efficient 

Run a Bar or Nightclub

 Monitor all aspects of your venue at the push of a button with our point of sale solutions. 


MyFocus Mobile Management

The MyFocus Mobile Management app alerts give you the data you need to manage your restaurant from your smartphone or mobile device while working at a different location or when traveling. Keep information at your fingertips such as net sales, labor costs, check averages, and more.


Accounting Integrations

Save on time and money on data entry errors, no more manual capture from your POS to your accounting software. 


Gratitude Management

Our gratuity solution for restaurants includes different tip configurations you can customize for disbursement. 


Payroll Service

Using our restaurant payroll solution frees you from calculating wages, taxes, and deposits, which can take time away from your business.


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