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Customers take orders into their own hands, eliminating the chances of mistakes that may occur with employee interactions. At the kiosk, your chances of guests spending more increases with compelling visual prompts, creating upsell opportunities. Consistently training your team on promoting menu items becomes a thing of the past with our state-of-the-art solution.

With more people ordering at the kiosk, you can now shift your team into productive roles that better fit your restaurant’s efficiency needs. In the long run, our kiosk solution will help cut labor costs to generate an immense return-on-investment.  Sound amazing? Those are the capabilities Focus POS Self-Ordering Kiosks brings to the table.


Point Of Sale Solutions

Smart, Customized Point Of Sale Systems that make any type of restaurant run efficiently.


Full Service


Bring your business into the future with our all-in-one solution built to assist your restaurant with monitoring ingredients, manage the day-to-day operations, oversee your staff, and most importantly keep your customers happy. Our cutting-edge technology allows access to data that will inform you of suggestions your full-service restaurant needs to operate efficiently.


Bars &

Night Clubs

We all know that EVERY POUR COUNTS! Our POS solution was developed with nightlife operators in mind. Monitor sales reports in real-time to track bottles, cans, and draft beer throughout the busy night.


Quick Service


Keep your employees informed on daily specials and upsell items with our solution designed to help maximize staff performance with minimal training.  Our solution developed for fast food restaurants assists in managing costs, building strong relationships with your loyal customers, and creating e-commerce opportunities with our online ordering capabilities.

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Everyone loves tacos, including us here at Focus Restaurant Solutions. We understand that most South Texas taquerias rely on speed, customer experience, and efficiency when operating. Our Focus POS matches every need to help you get the most out of your establishment, all at an affordable price.


Food Trucks, 

Ice Cream Parlor,

& Coffee Shops.

Manage every single aspect of your day to day operation effortlessly on any mobile device. Scale your business with ease by keeping track of important metrics like inventory and labor costs aimed to increase profits.

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