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A Dedicated Point Of Sale System for Full Service Restaurants.

Being in the fine-dining industry is like a revolving door. There are many unique and well thought out establishments, but chances are the majority will not make it past their first three years. At Focus, our POS System will assist you with the data you need to succeed!

Smart POS Solutions

We can solve THREE major factors to have a positive impact on your restaurant.


Cut cost while

increase profits.


Increase sales

& overall revenue.


Run your

establishment efficiently.

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Increase Profits

Cut Cost

The dynamics of your typical fine dining restaurant are constantly evolving. Today, being able to run an establishment requires the skills of maintaining multiple responsibilities simultaneously.  With our Focus POS System, features like food and labor cost controls will make recommendations to help increase profits by cutting unnecessary expenses.


Food Cost Control

Understand your restaurant expenses with our food and beverage cost technology embedded into our POS Systems.


Labor Cost Control

Control and manage labor costs in restaurants at the push of a fingertip with this extremely helpful tool.


Kitchen Management 

Oversee food production with our kitchen management feature. Our tool will help improve kitchen operations giving your guests an unforgettable dining experience.  


Advance Employee Scheduling

With our staff management option, your staff will be able to clock in, clock out, and you will have the ability to assign roles, responsibilities, and have absolute control of your employees.



High-impact features

That Increase Sales

for your Restaurant

Our state-of-the-art solutions are developed to help any size establishment increase sales by creating additional revenue streams. You now have the capabilities of expanding your market presence by adding online ordering or loyalty programs to keep guests coming back.


Self-Ordering At The Table

Put the ordering in the hands of your guests. While pivoting your staff to focus on upselling menu items.


Delivery, Takeout & Curbside Solutions

From dispatch to delivery, keep drivers on point and on time with a delivery POS system. Focus POS contains comprehensive delivery management capabilities, such as delivery routing and zoning.


Gift Card Programs

Increase your opportunity of bringing in new customers with our Focus Gift Card Program.


Customer Loyalty Program

Our restaurant customer loyalty program is rich with features that offer cloud storage, multi-store processing, card, or cardless accounts.


Online Ordering

Allow your customers to order their favorite dishes from your customized and personalized restaurant website or mobile app. 


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More Efficient 

Run your restaurant

Run your restaurant to its fullest potential with solutions that will keep your costumers coming back.


Focus Mobile Management

The focus mobile alerts app gives you the data you need to manage your restaurant from your smartphone or mobile device while working at a different location or when traveling. Keep information at your fingertips such as net sales, labor costs, check averages, and more.


Ordering At The Table 

Allow waiters to place your customer's orders directly from any mobile device synchronized with the back-of-house allowing your restaurant to run efficiently.


Accounting Integrations

Save on time and money on data entry errors, no more manual capture from your POS to your accounting software. 


Reservations & Table Management

Your staff will turn your restaurant tables faster, manage waitlist easier, and reduce errors with our table management capability.


Gratuity Management

Our gratuity solution for restaurants includes different tip configurations you can customize for disbursement. 


Payroll Service

Using our restaurant payroll solution frees you from calculating wages, taxes and deposits, which can take time to focus on your business.


Table Ready Notifications

Pagers are a great tool to manage restaurant guests. Give your staff the best guest management tools and watch your business flow with ease.

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