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Step into the Future, All Your Solution Needs in a Monthly Subscription

Say goodbye to your outdated point of sale (POS) system. Never worry about software upgrades again in an industry constantly changing! Our state-of-the-art solutions are developed to help gain the competitive advantage your restaurant needs at an entry point that matches your budget.

Why FocusCloud POS as a Subscription?

FocusCloud POS as a Subscription is a low-risk, flexible solution that includes our core product with all other modules available for a minimal cost. With FAAS, you pay for Focus software on a monthly, subscription basis at a low monthly cost. As a subscriber, you gain access to limitless, free updates on software, allowing you to scale your business as you see fit. Take control of your business now to create an infrastructure for the future!  

All Our Solutions, in a Monthly Subscription

Keep the features you have grown to love on our traditional license, just on a monthly subscription!

Table Management

Increase Table Turnover

Graphical Floor Plans

Table Status Reports

Guest and Staff Pagers

Meal Trackers


Order Processing

Split Checks


Manage Transfers


Debit and Credit Cards

Gift Cards

Detailed Reporting

Labor Reports

Item Counts Reports

Daily Reporting

Employee Performance

Revenue Reporting

Historical Reporting


Enhanced Security

Fingerprint Authorization

Video Management

Real-time Alerts

Theft Prevention


Age Verification

Inventory Control

Easy to Use

Detailed Reports

Spout Chip Technology

Draft Beer Technology


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