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focus POS?

Since 1990, Focus POS Systems has helped thousands in the hospitality industry with point of sale solutions (POS) that best fit their operational needs. From fine dining restaurants to food truck taquerias, our technology will help any size establishment manage labor costs, inventory, and optimize workflow efficiency with ease.

With our systems, you will never have to worry about unnecessary and unused software cutting into your expenses. Focus is built with return-on-investment in mind by assisting our clients with data to help optimize operational efficiency while minimizing costs. All this data is easily accessible in real-time with any mobile device. Clients choose us because we get rid of all the headaches that come with managing your office work on multiple devices and platforms. Life instantly becomes a breeze for our clients with end-to-end integration capabilities our systems provide.

Here are a few ways we help improve your internal business operations:


Data Access

Like any other business, restaurateurs always need access to critical information to maintain low overhead costs. Whether you have a single store or a chain, your data is safe and secure on our cloud-based system. Having connection issues? Stop depending on the local Wi-Fi connection to run your establishment, access information instantly on any mobile device with internet access.  Know where your operations stand without having to step foot into your restaurant.



Multiple devices and too many manual accounting errors can make any restaurant operator feel frustrated. As technology continues to evolve, so should your restaurant. Step into the future by eliminating the need for excessive devices and outdated software to handle your operations.

Say goodbye to third-party delivery platforms and fees! Our online ordering and delivery integrations will bring your restaurant relevance in the 21st century. Convenience is key in the fast-paced consumer-driven digital age we live in.

With our accounting integrations, you will embrace tax season like a total pro. With Focus, you can now integrate your QuickBooks and Peach Tree accounting systems into our software. Eliminate time and errors spent inputting data manually.  You can now share data between your systems to keep closer tabs on your operation.  


In front of the house, the software will assist your team in providing an unforgettable guest experience using tools to better serve accurately and quickly. Solutions like table management help anticipate table turnovers and identify available tables with graphical floor plans. Insight and analytics are crucial components in understanding what areas in your establishment need more employees.

Here are a few ways we help improve your front-of-house operations:



We understand that being in a rapidly evolving industry may have its challenge. That is why we have made our state-of-the-art solutions affordable for any restaurateur on a budget. Are you a restaurant owner considering integrating a tablet into your dining experience? We have got you covered with a diverse selection of contactless solutions. From standing kiosk to server tablets, put the order in the hands of your guests, and instantly reduce the possibility of human error.

Staff Management

Managing your team can come with a lot of headaches. How do you deal with scheduling and training employees, all while keeping track of inventory? Easy, Focus!  Our system makes managing your team simple from time-and-attendance capabilities to inventory management.

Stop playing a guessing game by figuring out how many employees to staff for the weekend. Make strategic business decisions based on previous sales patterns. Being proactive is crucial for the success of any business.  

Be in complete control of certain systems by limiting access to specific areas of your restaurant to employees.  Biometric solutions like our fingerprint readers will only allow authorized employees to access to cash drawers or certain POS terminals.  


Take your business to the next level with state-of-the-art features you can utilize with our systems. The innovative approaches we have provided for our clients makes us a leader in the market.


Point Of Sale Solutions

Smart, Customized Point Of Sale Systems that make any type of restaurant run efficiently.


Full Service


Bring your business into the future with our all-in-one solution built to assist your restaurant with monitoring ingredients, manage the day-to-day operations, oversee your staff, and most importantly keep your customers happy. Our cutting-edge technology allows access to data that will inform you of suggestions your full-service restaurant needs to operate efficiently.


Bars &

Night Clubs

We all know that EVERY POUR COUNTS! Our POS solution was developed with nightlife operators in mind. Monitor sales reports in real-time to track bottles, cans, and draft beer throughout the busy night.


Quick Service


Keep your employees informed on daily specials and upsell items with our solution designed to help maximize staff performance with minimal training.  Our solution developed for fast food restaurants assists in managing costs, building strong relationships with your loyal customers, and creating e-commerce opportunities with our online ordering capabilities.

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Everyone loves tacos, including us here at Focus Restaurant Solutions. We understand that most South Texas taquerias rely on speed, customer experience, and efficiency when operating. Our Focus POS matches every need to help you get the most out of your establishment, all at an affordable price.


Food Trucks, 

Ice Cream Parlor,

& Coffee Shops.

Manage every single aspect of your day to day operation effortlessly on any mobile device. Scale your business with ease by keeping track of important metrics like inventory and labor costs aimed to increase profits.

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