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Everyone LOVES taquerias, We just LOVE them more! 

We understand that most South Texas taquerias rely on speed, customer experience, and efficiency when operating. Our Focus POS matches every need to help you get the most out of your establishment, all at an affordable price.

Smart POS Solutions

We can resolve THREE major factors that have a positive impact on your taqueria.


Cut cost and

increase profits.

Increase sales

and overall revenue.


Run your

venue more efficient.

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Increase Profits

Cut Cost

Running a taqueria requires a great amount of time and dedication. Restaurant operators choose us to help them gain the advantage they need to handle their venue.


Labor Cost Control

Control and manage labor costs in restaurants at the push of a fingertip with this extremely helpful tool.


Food Inventory Control

Understand your restaurant expenses with our food and beverage cost technology embedded into our POS Systems.


High-impact features

That Increase Sales

for Taquerias

Every day will feel like Taco Tuesday with solutions like personalized loyalty programs and online ordering capabilities. Your guests will be running back for more of your specialty carne as. 


Customer Loyalty Program

Our restaurant customer loyalty program is rich with features that offer cloud storage, multi-store processing, card, or cardless accounts.


Gift Card Programs

Increase your opportunity of bringing in new customers with our Focus Gift Card Program.


Delivery, Takeout & Curbside Solutions

From dispatch to delivery, keep drivers on point and on time with a delivery POS system. Focus POS contains comprehensive delivery management capabilities, such as delivery routing and zoning.


Download our Free Taqueria Brochure


More Efficient 

Run your Taqueria

A successful restaurant depends on low overhead costs to create opportunities for higher profits. With our POS system, we can help you analyze crucial data to help your Taqueria run efficiently.


MyFocus Mobile Management

The focus mobile alerts app gives you the data you need to manage your restaurant from your smartphone or mobile device while working at a different location or when traveling. Keep information at your fingertips such as net sales, labor costs, check averages, and more.


Self-Ordering Kiosk

No Contact. No Problem. Speed up lines and cut labor costs with our Focus Self Serving Ordering Kiosk.


Payroll Service

Using our restaurant payroll solution frees you from calculating wages, taxes, and deposits, which can take time away from your business.


Advanced Employee Scheduling

With our staff management option, your staff will be able to clock in, clock out, and you will have the ability to assign roles, responsibilities, and have absolute control of your employees.

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