Quick Service Restaurant?

We got you covered!

Focus Restaurant Solutions has built a POS System that makes running your Quick Service Restaurant easier and more efficient. Our Focus POS QSR Solution gives you more time to focus more in your business and clients.


Smart POS Solutions

We can resolve THREE major factors that have a positive impact on your quick-service restaurant.


Cut cost and

increase profits.

Increase sales

and overall revenue.


Run your

venue more efficient.



Increase Profits

Cut Cost

In an industry where every cent counts you need a POS system that will assist in tracking inventory and managing your staff. Easily generate detailed reports to give you a stronger grasp on day to day operations.

Labor Cost Control

Control and manage labor costs in restaurants at the push of a fingertip with this extremely helpful tool.


Food Cost Control

Understand your restaurant expenses with our food and beverage cost technology embedded into our POS Systems.


Self-Ordering Kiosk

Put the ordering in the hands of your guests. While pivoting your staff to focus on upselling menu items.




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Map Function

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High-impact features

That Increase Sales

for Quick Service Restaurants

Operating a quick-service restaurant requires a POS system that will leave your on-the-go guests satisfied as they breeze through the drive-thru lane. Our system is designed to do just that by speeding up lines and increasing sales opportunities with the most inexperienced staff.  


Digital Signage

Boost your profits and customer satisfaction within your quick-service restaurant with our focus digital signage is the right solution. Digital signage has the potential for sales increases of about 5 percent.


Drive-Thru Systems

Turnaround times are crucial for any fast food service. Our Drive-Thru systems will help you speed up the process for your on-the-go customers.


Customer Loyalty Program

Our restaurant customer loyalty program is rich with features that offer cloud storage, multi-store processing, card, or cardless accounts.

Gift Card Programs

Increase your opportunity of bringing in new customers with our Focus Gift Card Program.

Online Ordering

Allow your customers to order their favorite dishes from your customized and personalized restaurant website or mobile app. 

Delivery, Takeout & Curbside Solutions

From dispatch to delivery, keep drivers on point and on time with a delivery POS system. Focus POS contains comprehensive delivery management capabilities, such as delivery routing and zoning.



More Efficient 

Run your Quick Service Restaurant

Let us help you run your quick service restaurant in a more convenient way that improves the overall guest experience.


Accounting Integrations

Save on time and money on data entry errors, no more manual capture from your POS to your Accounting Software. 


Advance Employee Scheduling

With our staff management option your quick service restaurant staff will be able to clock in, clock out,  and you will have the abilities to assign roles, responsibilities and have absolute control of your employees.

Payroll Service

Many quick service restaurant owners have questions about payroll, tax, and compliance. When you work with the right payroll provider, you will have access to trained professionals who will answer your questions and help your quick service restaurant run smoothly.


Drive-Thru Expediter

The Remote Eyes Drive Thru Expediter (DTE) improves the accuracy of Drive-Thru order fulfillment, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and higher throughput for Quick Service Restaurants with Drive-Thru lanes.

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